Criminal Injuries: Compensation for Survivors of Abuse


At our Centre, many of our therapists are well versed in helping clients apply for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. In many cases, victims of crime are entitled to financial compensation, even in cases where formal charges were not laid against the perpetrator.

In some cases, this compensation can include funding for therapy, which can go a long way in helping survivors heal from the trauma that can result from abuse and violence. Our therapists regularly assist adults that apply for compensation for child abuse they suffered many years ago. If you are a client of the Centre who has suffered abuse or violence that occurred in Ontario, ask your therapist about how to apply, and they will help provide you with information about applying to the CICB.

Here are some useful details and links:

In Ontario, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is an administrative tribunal that is governed by the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act. The role of the Board is to assess financial compensation to those who qualify under the Act; that is: victims; or, the family members of deceased victims, of violent crimes committed in the Province of Ontario.

injured as a result of violent crime in Ontario can apply, and the injuries may either be physical or psychological. This includes:

  • assault
  • sexual assault
  • domestic assault (e.g. abuse by a spouse/partner)
  • child abuse, physical and sexual


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