Sexual Abuse is Not a Hip Topic

Sexual abuse is not a hip topic. It doesn’t involve a sudden catastrophe; no one is counting numbers of the wounded on the news. It tends not to be discussed around the water cooler. It is a cause that seems to raise money quietly, from those who have been affected or know someone who has suffered.  Perhaps to talk about it means we have to face the reality that it exists. Acknowledging sexual abuse reveals the fact that we all should be doing more to help the victims.

This may be a reason that our Centre continues to struggle to obtain funding. The Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy works specifically with survivors of abuse and trauma. We have been open since 2007 and have qualified therapists who work with both male and female clients. We value being accessible and our fee is on a sliding scale. We do not limit client sessions and are one of the only counseling agencies in Kingston who offer long-term counseling.

Through workshops and fundraising activities our Centre will continue to work to raise money for our clients and our Centre. We will continue to offer the service that we know works and extend to our clients a safe place to receive therapy as long as they need it. Our Centre has a strong respect for our clients and for what they have survived. We understand that our cause is not fashionable; we stand up for it because our clients deserve it. Maybe if we all talked a little more about abuse, together we could make supporting survivors of abuse the hip thing to do.