The Second Mile Urges Donors to Give Elsewhere

The Second Mile charity is urging its donors to give money to charities that support victims of sexual abuse. The charity has been rocked by the scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, a founder of the charity who has been accused of sexually assaulting and abusing several young boys.

If you are looking for a charity that supports survivors of sexual abuse, our Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy is one of them. All dollars raised through donations and fundraising at the Centre go directly towards clients’ therapy. The average cost of providing therapy for a client is $1920.00 per year, which is more than many survivors can afford. Our generous donors allow us to provide subsidized therapy to low income individuals who otherwise can’t afford it. 50% of our clients leverage our sliding scale.

In order to heal through therapy, the journey one takes is not easy and is often long. The length and cost of therapy leaves low income individuals at a significant disadvantage. If you were ever curious about what kind of an impact you could make in your community and in the lives of people who have been traumatized by sexual abuse, think about what affordable therapy can do:

  • It can help someone heal from an extensive traumatic history.
  • It can help a person find the strength to lead a happy and productive life.
  • It can have a positive impact on more people than just the survivor: siblings, parents, children, friends.
  • It can reduce mental stress and anxiety – and reduce the strain child abuse puts on our mental health system in Canada.

It seems that a small donation can turn out to be priceless. Many people choose to give a larger one time gift, others set up monthly giving. Visit our Donate Now page to learn what you can do.

Or set up monthly giving through Canada Helps secure online giving site:  




Hear what our clients have to say about the impact our donors have made in their lives:

“The Centre has been phenomenal in my healing process. I would not have been able to reach the heights of my healing without the low fee that they accept for my therapy.”

“Being a client of the Centre has changed my life. I currently only pay a small fee for services. Being a person on disability and raising two teenage daughters would make it impossible for me to get the help I so desperately need paying a full fee. Since I have started going to the Centre my life has changed so much. I have hope and an alleviation of my physical symptoms. I have a part-time job and more energy than I have ever known. The best part is that I am able to be there for my children when they need me.”

“I am a 56 year old client of the Centre. The work I have done with my therapist about the extensive sexual, physical and psychological abuse I experienced in my formative years has been life changing. The Centre is an invaluable resource, both to individuals and to the community. I am a firm believer in the ‘ripple effect’ of healing and hope that the Centre will be able to continue its important role in that process.”