Vision, Mission, Values

Mission Statement

Our mission it that: The Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy Inc. is committed to provide support, empowerment and advocacy to survivors of abuse and trauma through professionally facilitated individual therapy and group counseling.

Our Commitment is:

  • To provide therapeutic counseling to victims of all forms of abuse and trauma.
  • To improve public knowledge in our community regarding all aspects of abuse and trauma by creating a resource library and information for survivors of trauma and abuse.
  • To provide counseling training in areas of abuse and trauma recovery by organizing workshops for professionals in the community and creating partnerships with related organizations.
  • To conduct research and disseminate the information for the benefit of the public regarding issues related to trauma and abuse.


Basis of Unity

The following beliefs and values shall inform and guide all aspects of members of the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy’s functioning. All members, paid or volunteer, must agree with the following statements.

We recognize that: Many forms of abuse exists, including, but not limited to, all childhood abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, forced participation in and/or exposure to pornography/ prostitution, mind control, ritual abuse, sadistic abuse and mutilation. We are opposed to all of it.

We believe that: All people have the right to live free from the threat or the experience of any form of violence and/or abuse and/or exploitation.

We believe that: The provision of services to survivors of all forms of abuse and violence should be informed and guided by the experiences, insights, and needs of survivors.

We believe that: The provision of services to survivors of all forms of abuse and violence should be financially and physically accessible to all.

We are against: Any discrimination based on race, gender, class, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion, size/physical appearance, and/or any other real or perceived identifying characteristic(s).

We believe in the feminist principle that: Women and men are equal and are entitled to the same rights and privileges. We recognize that women have not yet achieved fully equality in Canadian Society and that fact effects the quality of the lives of all Canadian women.

We are pro-choice: People have the right to be in control of their own lives by making their own choices, including, but not limited to, reproductive and health choices.

We are anti-pornography: As defined as images of sexual degradation and sexual violence.