Your First Appointment







Intake interviews with the Centre are voluntary and require no referral. Call or email to make your first appointment. Phoning the Centre is recommended for a faster response.

You will be able to schedule an intake with the next available time-slot that works for you. The intake will involve a few questions to match you with an appropriate therapist and briefly assess your needs. We will explain a few of our policies and discuss our sliding-scale fees.

At this appointment, you can get to know the Centre, ask questions and tell us what issues we can help you with. This intake session is charged on the sliding fee scale as all appointments are. You will be then assigned to the appropriate therapist who will contact you and arrange a regular appointment.

The initial intake appointment takes approximately 1 hour. After the completion of your intake appointment, a therapist will contact you to set up your first appointment with a psychotherapist.

At the first session, you and your therapist will plan future appointments. Continuity of treatment is an important part of gaining all the benefits of counselling so please plan ahead in scheduling appointments.

The length of one therapy session is generally 50 minutes, leaving the therapist 10 minutes to make notes before the next session.

Counselling is available by appointment only. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate drop-ins at this time.


Cancellation policy for intake appointments.  We understand that unforeseen extenuating circumstances can occur.  However, since your counseling requires your therapist to reserve a significant amount of time for your session, we have a policy regarding cancellations and missed appointments that is fair to you, your therapist, and other clients who need appointments.  You are free to refuse and/or withdraw from counseling at any time, but because your appointment is reserved for you, it is necessary to charge the regular fee for appointments that are not canceled at least 18 hours in advance.