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Have you read the headlines in the news lately? 





These acts are committed in our communities every day. Do you ever stop to wonder what happens to these children as they turn into adults themselves and try to lead a normal life?  What is a normal life after you realize that your childhood and youth has been taken away?

The horrible severity of the abuse that so many people experience as children at the hands of people who are supposed to care for them is too often hidden behind polite vague terms. When children are regularly beaten over the head with hockey sticks, shocked with cattle prods, have their heads pushed underwater in toilets for minutes, locked cold and hungry in tiny space for hours, gagged and suffocated during oral rapes; don’t you think that qualifies as torture? Did you realize that all of these tortures won’t show physical marks at school the next day?

 These are the kinds of abuse regularly described to us in our work as therapists at the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy.




Does “difficult childhood” really describe years of childhood torturous abuse?




The good news is that appropriate trauma therapy works for these heroic survivors.  They can heal from the terror of their younger lives and go on to live happy, safe, productive lives.  It does take time though, commonly years of therapy is necessary to heal completely.  

The Centre has struggled to keep the lower end of our sliding scale accessible to the survivors of the worst forms of abuse. 

We work together to ensure men, women, and children survivors of abuse and trauma are able to receive the therapy they need.   Join us in helping these survivors.




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