Mixed 3 Pitch Tournament Sponsored by The Mansion

Date & Time: 
September 24, 2011 - 8:00am - 9:30pm
Cloverdale Park 1030 Sunnyside Road, Kingston


We officially have 12 teams for this day of fun and fundraising, at our first annual Mixed 3 Pitch Tournament, sponsored by The Mansion Bar and Restaurant.


Tournament Details

Entry Fees: $275 per team, which includes:

● 3 games guaranteed
● A chance to play in the finals
● Chances to win "Play of the Game" prizes

Each team must have at least 10 players, 3 being women. Team captains will be sent a complete list of
tournament rules. For any questions, please contact us.

Prizes for Winning Teams

● First Place: $650 and a free pitcher of beer at The Mansion after party
● Second Place: $450

All tournament attendees are invited back to The Mansion, where a
VIP room has been reserved for ball players. Some great bands are
lined up that evening, check it out at The Mansion's Website.

Home Run Derby!

Think you can hit? Bring it! $5 - 5 pitches, 1 buy back

Silent Auction Items

Bring cash, as a number of sponsors have donated great prizes,
and all funds raised support the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy.

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Educational Workshop - The Developmental Costs of Child Abuse: Implications for Psychopathology

Date & Time: 
September 16, 2011 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Invista Center

About this Workshop:

Worldwide, 40 million children are subjected to child abuse each year, and in Canada close to one-third of teenagers have experienced some kind of abuse and/or neglect. Child abuse has devastating and long-lasting consequences for victims and their families, and is one of the strongest risk factors for depression and other psychopathologies.

In this workshop Dr. Harkness will review research outlining the biological, psychological, and social consequences of child abuse that serve to translate abuse into the symptoms and syndromes of mental illness. She will then focus on some practical strategies for helping people with abuse histories and promoting resilience. Finally, Dr. Harkness will take a larger public health perspective and discuss strategies for prevention of abuse.

About the Presenter:


Dr. Kate Harkness is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
and Director of Clinical Training at Queen’s University. Dr. Harkness received
her PhD from the University of Oregon, and completed her clinical residency
and a post-doctoral research fellowship at Western Psychiatric Institute
and Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her current work focuses on the role
of child abuse in the development of depression in teenagers and young adults.

Submit your registration form by August 15th to get the Early Bird Special of $55!



Workshop Sept 2011_Registration Form.pdf228.59 KB

S.M.A.R.T Sponsored Event: Ritual Abuse Conference August 2011

The 14th Annual Ritual Abuse,
Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

S.M.A.R.T are lowering the price of the conference for two days to only $75 for one week only for low income attendees ($100 total with Friday night dinner). This includes two free large lunches and ten speaker presentations.

Contact S.M.A.R.T at smartnews@aol.com by July 26th to apply for this special deal.

Therapists and licensed professionals may attend the Friday clinical conference for only $50, this includes a large free lunch and free materials. 

Contact S.M.A.R.T at smartnews@aol.com or visit  http://ritualabuse.us/smart-conference/ritual-abuse-and-extreme-abuse-clinicians-conference-2011/ for more information.


Educational Conference: Trust and Betrayal - How Child Abusers Manipulate Victims

Date & Time: 
May 27, 2011 - 8:30am - 12:00pm
INVISTA Centre, 1350 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON

Featuring Guest Speaker Dr. William L. Marshall

This workshop aims to understand sexual predators in order to help victims heal. Our speaker will present information on the way child molesters groom or set-up their victims, including the lies and tricks they employ to overcome victim resistance, and to reduce the chances the victim will report the abuse. During this half day workshop, Dr Marshall will discuss:

  • Common rationalizations used to justify the abuse
  • The diagnosis of pedophilia and its usefulness or lack thereof
  • Differences between incest and nonincest offenders and the utility of this distinction
  • The value of classifying child molesters in terms of their attachment style
  • Evidence on the effectiveness of treating child molesters

About William. L. Marshall, PhD, FRSC
Bill is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Queen's University in Canada and the Director of Rockwood Psychological Services which provides treatment for incarcerated sexual offenders. He has been treating and doing work with sexual offenders for over 42 years and has over 300 publications including 16 books. Bill was the 1999 recipient of the Santiago Grisolia Prize for his worldwide contributions to the reduction of violence and in 2000 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Bill was the President of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers from 2000 to 2001. In 2006 Bill was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Register Today!

Register before April 30th for the Early Bird fee of $55
Regular Registration: $65

Trust and Betrayal workshop May 2011 Registration Form.pdf231.8 KB

Workshop for Facilitators of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Date & Time: 
April 30, 2011 (All day) - May 1, 2011 (All day)
Aurora Cultural Centre, 22 Church Street, L4G 1G4, Aurora, Ontario

Author Mike Lew, MEd is hosting a Workshop for Facilitators of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Aurora, Ontario April 30th - May 1st, 2011.

For details, visit www.mindbodyandsoul.ca/mikelew

Volunteer Information Session

Date & Time: 
January 26, 2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
The Centre, 234 Concession Street, #200

The Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy is hosting a Volunteer Information Session Wednesday, January 26th. We will be providing an overview of our Centre, what we do, and where we need volunteers. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by email.

Contact us at: info@centrefortherapy.ca

We hope to see you there!

National Crisis-Counselling Telephone Line Launched

An Edmonton-based organization, The Chrysalis Network, has launched a national crisis-counselling telephone line for victims of the sex trade and human trafficking.

The hotline number is 1-866-528-7109.

"The line will be advertised broadly across the country and will be given to police departments and community agencies who may find themselves in contact with a victim."

Read more in the Edmonton Journal online


The Ministry Invites Male Survivors to Have Their Say

As you may know, the Ministry of the Attorney General is planning to provide funding towards support services for male victims of sexual abuse and assault. The Ministry’s proposal only offers short-term therapy (8 weeks) and group counselling.

The Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy strongly believes that successful healing from sexual abuse, especially childhood sexual abuse, requires long-term therapy. Women are offered fully paid therapy at sexual assault centers for long as they want it. Men should have the same consideration and options.

We wanted to share with you the Ministry’s invite to male survivors to share their views with respect to:

  • the kinds of services that are most needed;
  • the best ways to gain ongoing feedback from survivors; and
  • advice on how service proposals should be evaluated.

If you know of male survivors who may wish to provide this feedback to the Ministry, they can do so by clicking on this link: www.ontario.ca/victimservices

Celebrity Server Fundraiser at Boston Pizza

Date & Time: 
November 10, 2010 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Boston Pizza Kingston West 755 Gardiners Road, Kingston ON

The Centre is having a Celebrity Server at Boston Pizza Kingston West and YOU are invited!

Boston Pizza Kingston West is donating 10% of the entire sales between the hours of 5-8pm. So come hungry and help a good cause!

For details on reservations contact Richelle Little @ Boston Pizza Kingston West

We look forward to seeing and serving you!

The Centre is giving away a $25 gift card for Canadian Tire if we can get 50 people to RSVP on our Facebook page!

Go to our Facebook page to RSVP and become eligible for the prize.

Upcoming Educational Workshop: Attachment & Trauma: The Closer I Get, the More Dangerous You Look

Date & Time: 
October 29, 2010 - 8:00am - 12:00pm
Octave Theatre 711 Dalton Avenue, Kingston, ON

Thank you to everyone who attended this educational workshop, featuring speaker Julie Darke

We all have attachment styles which shape our responses to people close to us. The attachment styles typically associated with people with traumatic histories pose particular challenges for the development of healthy relationships in adulthood and therapeutic relationships with counsellors and therapists.

This workshop examined how attachment develops, how it is affected by childhood maltreatment, and how it is reflected in adult relationships.

Understanding our clients’ attachment styles can help explain intense emotional reactions in relationships, including the therapeutic relationship. Understanding our own attachment styles helps us avoid exacerbating insecure attachment and increase our clients’ sense of security. Participants had the opportunity to consider their own attachment styles and the implications for their work.

About Julie Darke:

Julie is a psychologist with the Personality Disorders Service, Providence Care, Mental Health Services. She obtained her degrees at the University of Western Ontario, the University of New Brunswick, and Queen’s University. She currently focuses on group work with the Chrysalis Program and in the community. Consultations and education are primarily related to working with people diagnosed with personality disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder, and related areas such as self-harm, dissociative processes, trauma sequelae, and sexuality and gender.

She has worked for many years with survivors of trauma and has been active in the community with equity-seeking groups and organizations. Julie’s current research is evaluating the benefit of a mindfulness group and its relationship to dissociation. She is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and the Canadian Psychological Association.

Thank you Julie for Presenting at this Event!