Does “difficult childhood” describe years of childhood torturous abuse?

On a regular basis, our nightly newscasts bring us appalling stories of sexual predators and their young, innocent victims.  

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Have you read the headlines in the news lately?

The siblings were severely malnourished, dehydrated and covered in bruises and open sores when they arrived at the hospital”.

Goforths get lengthy prison terms for child’s death”  March 4, 2016, Global News


“…a 3-year-old malnourished girl was bound with duct tape, kept in a trash sack inside closet and offered for sex by a man babysitting the child”

January 26, 2016,  Associated Press


They admitted to hurting the children with a hammer, a frying pan, an extension cord and a high-heeled shoe, while filming the abuse.

Regina women sentenced to eight years for child porn and abuse”  April 14, 2015


“assaulting the girl with a machete and a hammer, kicking her in the crotch while wearing steel-capped workboots, tearing off her toenail and pouring salt and boiling water on the wound, and writing abusive words on the girl's body.”



Sheldon Kennedy: Child abuse is happening all around us  November 20. 2015

These acts are committed in our communities everyday by parents, coaches, religious leaders, family members, foster parents, doctors, police officers, teachers in residential schools, group homes, hospitals, daycares,  and the house next door.   

The horrible severity of the abuse that so many people experience as children at the hands of people who are supposed to care for them is too often hidden behind polite vague terms. When children are regularly beaten over the head with hockey sticks, shocked with cattle prods, have their heads pushed under water in toilets for minutes, locked cold and hungry in tiny space for hours, gagged and suffocated during oral rapes; don’t you think that qualifies as torture? Did you realize that all of these tortures won’t show physical marks at school the next day?

 These are the kinds of abuse regularly described to us in our work as therapists at the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy.


Do you ever stop to wonder what happens to these “children” as they turn into adults themselves and try to lead a normal life? What is a normal life after you realize that you’re childhood and youth has been taken away?


The effects of child abuse can become very evident in adults and cause many issues in their life as an adult such as when building relationships. Someone who has been abused as a child may have difficulty trusting another and have a lowered self-esteem, thus causing them to often engage in unhealthy relationships. All too often survivors of an entire childhood of torture are unemployed and disabled is many ways. Thus, having to pay for their own therapy is a great hardship, especially since it can take several years to recover from such vicious psychological wounding. 


The good news is appropriate trauma therapy works for these heroic survivors. They can heal from the terror of their younger lives and go on to live happy, safe, productive lives. It does take a time though, commonly years of therapy is necessary to heal completely from such extensive wounds.


 The Centre has struggled to keep the lower end of our sliding scale accessible to the survivors of the worst forms of abuse. However with rising costs, we can’t keep the doors open and maintain that level. We need your help.


A little about us …. 

The Centre is a non-profit, charitable counselling agency that provides advocacy for survivors of trauma and abuse, specialized in short and long term therapy for individuals who have been abused, traumatized, or stressed by life’s experiences. Our services are inclusive to men, women and youth. We will provide equal treatment for all individuals accessing our services, while being sensitive to the issues of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and/or abilities. We offer specialized services and resources for child pornography and prostitution survivors.